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Beau and Kids

I'm Beau; your host for much of the stuff you'll read here. I really like playing with food. In the same way that the family dinner table serves as an anchor for daily events, I think many topics seem to make for better discussion via the gastronomic experience.

I'm a stay-at-home dad & part-time Geographic Information Systems (GIS) consultant. I've got a Master's degree in Biology (Entomology, if you care). Also got my B.S. in Biology, with a minor in Chemistry. Also a nerd. Also a geek. In 2005, I made the decision to quit my '9 to 5' job to raise our family's first child (we now have a complete set). Through the fiscal responsibility of my lovely wife, I was able to remain a diaper-slinging bum for almost 7 months; that is until folks started hitting me up to do work as a Geospatial Technology Consultant. That gig is presently, my 'second real job' (as my S.O. says, “Remember why you stay home!”).

Kids Cook Microwave

I grew up as the oldest in a single-parent family of four. When Dad was busy, I took it upon myself to do some of the cooking. We got our first microwave when I was six (digital, even!). That faux wood-grained emblazoned hunk of sheet metal really brought cooking down to a level that a kid could manage. I still have my copy of Kids Cook Microwave! Having that satisfaction of contributing to someone's well being on quite literally a visceral level is probably why I still enjoy being in the kitchen.

When I was young, it was a lot of packaged foods with simple directions thrown together in creative ways (man, I made a lot of casseroles). In college, I was nearly vegetarian by proxy (beer took priority over meat), punctuated with the occasional chili/gumbo feed + kegger for 50 or so of our closest friends. Now having my own kids, I've focused on cooking more with 'real food'. I'm not talking tofu, sticks & twigs here; but just the same, why shouldn't I make it homemade if it's more economical, tastes better & is just as easy as opening a box or can? I also reserve the right to take shortcuts if it does taste better, but I'll probably go back & try to deconstruct what's in the box later if I think I can make it better. For me, cooking is always an experiment. It's probably why I kicked ass in Chem lab in college (don't ask about my lecture grade).

Beau and the Wife

I live in rural western Kansas. We moved back here in 2008 after a six-year hiatus in the Wichita Metro Area after the wife landed a job back in Hays that was closer to her family. If you've ever lived here, you know the way of life will move anyone that thinks too much towards creativity given the lack of much of anything to do. Or, I suppose you could just drink. Or, you could do a little of both- I think that's why I started SomethingEdible.

If you search the web for a definition of 'gastronomy' you'll find something to the effect of, “the relationship between culture & food.” I'd like to use SomethingEdible as a vehicle to explore gastronomy; especially in a regional context. There's plenty of content out there, but very little of it focuses how folks eat and live in Kansas; especially in the rural areas. In addition to my own culinary concoctions & interpretations, I'm hoping to explore local cookbooks, restaurants, & other such purveyors of things related to what ends up in your stomach.

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